Hi there, I'm Jeff

My latest project is Clearful, a digital journal that helps you get the most out of life. I built Clearful with my co-founder Maria, whom I also founded Mealime with in 2013. Mealime was acquired in 2018.

Before Clearful, I was non-technical and worked in product design, marketing, and customer support. Since selling Mealime, I have been self-learning programming and have built the Clearful apps myself. I plan to write here about the programming lessons I've learned (and continue to learn), interesting books and articles I've read, ideas I'm pondering, and lessons learned building my second consumer SaaS app.

Please feel free to say hello on Twitter or email me. I love meeting new people and am always up for a coffee if you're ever in Vancouver, BC.

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I'm a software developer and entrepreneur sharing insights on app development, entrepreneurship, and business lessons learned building my second B2C mobile app business.


Jeffrey Bunn

Co-Founder & CEO at Clearful. Entrepreneur, software developer, and marketer specializing in consumer mobile apps.